2013-06-24 09:22:30 by Nintendoart

So yeah, it's been a wee while since I posted a news post, so I should probably just type down what's going on.

1) I know that, as far as pictures go, it hasn't been as much. I COULD complain about Life being a bitch or say how tired I am, but I haven't earned the status high enough to really get away with that so I'll just say "Because of Reasons".

2) I'm contemplating on a new commission chart because apparently sliding prices strike fear into the hearts of my possible customers. As such, I'm trying to think of simple set-into-stone prices and may require assistance (completely optional, though).

3) Lately there seems to be a thing with me where I become something of an asshole. I think it's fun.

That's about it.


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