Just when things were looking so swell...!

2013-04-12 08:45:05 by Nintendoart

...my laptop goes into some sort of digital coma.

Just my luck, eh? Finally starting to get some art in (even some smut) and it gets some sort of hardware problem or even a ghost virus; whatever they flying fuck that is. I've been out for the past three days, and pretty much having internet withdrawals, but I'm survivng.

Me thinks it may be my Art Block trying to smite me once more...

In any case, I have absolutely no idea how long I will be out. This may just be the Fates saying to get a new computer entirely (though, due to incoming classes I will be taking I may have to go with another laptop rather then a PC). I'll still be able to check up on the internet once in a while though with the family's fossil of a computer. If you had me on Skype, you should also see my cell number if you ever wanted to text.

Other then that, I should probably start looking for laptops. Seeya goes soon, hopefully...


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2013-04-12 10:54:52

Good luck with that. If I were you I'd get a stationary though, they seem to last longer, and if they don't it's easy to swap out components if they break/need an upgrade.