Sorry about the huge NO ART period...

2013-03-19 15:11:07 by Nintendoart

Apparently trying to "have a life" takes the time away. Anyway, just a reminder, commissions are still available!! I'm also willing to get started on them ASAP!

Just letting you guys know I ain't dead.


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2013-03-22 17:27:22

It's fine, we understand. :]


2013-04-08 15:47:14

It is fine take how long you to make your art
ture art takes some time to develop


2013-04-08 15:50:30

I understand somewhat how much time a life can take

but i have a Q
how do you charge people for you art the amount of money is worth your art

Nintendoart responds:

I have a commission chart here within my gallery. It'll show you what I charge, and personally I think they're fair prices.