One hundred and fifty followers!!

2012-12-04 00:04:40 by Nintendoart

You guys really know how to make a fellow feel special! A hundred and fifty people here on our beloved Portal sit enjoy my nonsense; really makes me all witty and giddy and gay.

I'll do a double special here. Ask me anything you'd like to know about me; I'll answer it!

I'll also do something of a request drawing! Toss me some funny/awesome/sexy ideas of whatever, and for some of the ones that peek my interests I'll doodle or draw up those pics for you guys! It's the least I can do for you guys.

Let's see if we can go for three hundred, guys!


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2012-12-05 20:59:19

Draw your reactions before, during and after watching Wreck-It-Ralph! :P