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2014-04-14 23:01:31 by Nintendoart

This is where words go.

Long story short, I thought I'd show you guys what I'm working on currently. Every once in a blue moon, I get an idea for a nice big project, and this is another one I think will be a very nice piece. Hopefully I get most of it done, soon. The school year is beginning to get tougher then a drunken Rooskie.


If you want to toss ideas or suggestions, go right on ahead! I love reading your comments, guys.

The job economy is really not what it used to be, and for the past month at least I've been unable to acquire any work opportunites. This post is simply to remind you all that I am open to commissions anytime. I always work with the customer towards a fair price for both sides and I go step by step with the commission to make sure everything is fair for them as well. I'm currently finishing up with a commission bundle from a very generous person and will soon be open again for more. I doubt you can really find anything I won't draw, so please remember to ask me! And if you don't want to buy anything, at least maybe spread the word to help a fellow who might start to become a starving artist!

Click Here to Read. Newgrounds won't let me copy and paste, plus I'm a lazy faggot.

Yup. Enjoyed Pokemon X casually, and Played Pokemon Y in an intense Nuzlocke Challenge. These were the rules of said Nuzlocke:

1) Fainting = Death or Permanent Incapacitation
2) Only Time to Catch Pokemon is by Finding the First Pokemon Encountered in each New Area; No Do-Overs
3) For the Sake of Bonding, EVERY Pokemon caught must be nicknamed.

4) Starter Death = Instant Failure
5) Pokemon Center Useage per Town (x5)/Pokeballs per town (x10) (Includes Beginning Levels and Stand-Alone “Doctors” of Each Area)
6) No Mystery Gift Pokemon/Pokemon Traded Outside Game. Must be Caught, Freely Given, or Traded In-Game
7) Trainer ID Rule for choosing Starters (1-3=Grass/4-6=Fire/7-9=Water/0=Free)
8) Can not Flee from any Battle (Unless it’s a Hoarde Battle)
9) No Leaving Pokemon in Daycares/Breeding allowed
10) Unless it’s Plot-Driven, No use of Legendaries at all. Allowed to Catch, though.

(*) EVERYBODY GETS ONE: Only one Revival can be used; it’s for the Starter alone
(*) BUT IT’S SO SHINY: If Shinies are encountered, they may be caught. However, if they’re not the first pokemon in the area they can’t be used in Battle
(*) WHERE’S MY HM WHORE: If unable to progress through game with current party, a Pokemon able to to perform the deed may be caught. However, it may never be used in battle.

And as a fun project, I’ll be making a Nuzlocke comic over the whole ordeal. Wrote notes and everything. So who knows, might see some Poke’stuff soon.


2013-10-11 21:37:32 by Nintendoart

Yeah, so this is sort of aBE BACK WHENEVER post. Between Pokemon X and Y coming out and a slew of homework from school I doubt I’m going to be posting as much for a little while. I’ll try to keep up with a few doodles now and again to keep myself from being rusty, but pretty much consider me out for about a month or so.

Seeya then, I guess. Have a joyous Autumn.


That's a nice little surprise to come across to. Thanks to everyone that finds my art an amusing part of your day!

Now, I understand that everyone has different tastes, so feel free to offer suggestions to future possible drawings.

And as always, commissions are always up unless otherwise specified.


2013-06-24 09:22:30 by Nintendoart

So yeah, it's been a wee while since I posted a news post, so I should probably just type down what's going on.

1) I know that, as far as pictures go, it hasn't been as much. I COULD complain about Life being a bitch or say how tired I am, but I haven't earned the status high enough to really get away with that so I'll just say "Because of Reasons".

2) I'm contemplating on a new commission chart because apparently sliding prices strike fear into the hearts of my possible customers. As such, I'm trying to think of simple set-into-stone prices and may require assistance (completely optional, though).

3) Lately there seems to be a thing with me where I become something of an asshole. I think it's fun.

That's about it.

Back and Reloaded, Baby~

2013-04-20 21:33:12 by Nintendoart

So, after about.....what, two weeks or so, I finally got a new laptop. It's a nice little thing; a grand replacement for my previously dead laptop and a decent standby until I garter enough moolah to get a power rig. In case people are wondering about the stats of this thing, I think these are pretty much it:

It's a Dell Inspiron laptop (moon silver; very pretty).
15.6" screen with a resolution of 1366 x 768
Intel Core i5-3337U Processor (speed is 1.80GHz)
8 GB of RAM (yeah, baby)
One Terabyte of Hard Drive memory (secret porn stash in the making)
Intel HD Graphics card

A few other tidbits are sure to be there, but I'm too whatever right now. Just know that art shall be returning soon.