2016 Submissions

ZA ZIKA Cinematic Song

2015 Submissions

Ramen and Dandelion Comedy Voice
An Apology from All Men Miscellaneous Voice
Most Embarrassing Moment Cinematic Voice
Bad Jokes Cinematic Voice

2013 Submissions

Benjamin's First Rescue Cinematic Voice

2012 Submissions

Tumblr Accent Meme A Capella Voice

2010 Submissions

A Christmas Story Voice Demo Song
Timko's Voice Demo Reel 2010 Voice Demo Song
Timko-Hog's Battle Video Game Song
Timko's Secret Slide Video Game Loop
Pockydiction Voice Demo Song
SSBB Theme Fandub Video Game Song
Dr. Timko's Fever Video Game Loop
Melty Molten Timko Video Game Song
This Is Halloween Fandub Miscellaneous Song
Flash Man Theme Video Game Loop
Metal Man Theme Video Game Loop
Spark Man Theme Video Game Loop
Magnet Man Theme Video Game Loop
Timko-Kazooie Video Game Song
Timkletta Battle Video Game Loop
I'm a Shark Miscellaneous Song
Timko-Juice Miscellaneous Song
The Legend of Timko Video Game Song